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Ourside developers work with world leading technologies to create functional solutions with a focus on speed and reliability. Our design to development approach ensure that nothing is lost in translation.

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We are a smart, agile team and this is reflected in our work, we work quickly and closely with our clients. Our developers have the freedom to research and use bleeding-edge technologies and push the boundaries.

Our process

briefThe Brief

It all starts with the brief. You may have a detailed specification or a broad idea that requires refinement.
This initial phase of the project is critical to the whole process. The brief leads to the scope of the project and allows us to set a timeline and budget.

Design The Project, Timing & Technologies

Study requirements. Plan the overall architecture. Study and research the latest technologies and trends. Choose the best technologies for that project timing.

Design UX

Our designers will design the app, keeping close to the client spec while also looking to create the best experience for the user.

development applicationDevelopment

Once the designs and requirements are finalised, our developers get to work. The Development Team design the database architecture, server side environment and decide on the stack of technologies and how to implement them.
The project is then broken down into deliverable milestones keeping the agreed methodology in mind i.e. Agile, Waterfall, etc. The client is kept up to date at every stage, with regular reviews of work in progress.


We liaise with the Apple and Google App Store teams to ensure that your app is quality approved and fit for publication.


We monitor usage and performance to guide continuous improvement.
We keep technologies and security up-to-date.

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