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Online communities, as we’re discovering, just aren’t a good enough replacement for the real thing. Xplore is a connection to your community.


You never know your luck in a small town.

Xplore is a digital infrastructure for towns. It offers local businesses and community groups a suite of tools to promote local business and highlight local initiatives.

A Digital Infrastructure for Towns.

Xplore’s mission is to strengthen rather than erode relationships and community ties. The Xplore platform has been built, not to keep people on their phones, but to spark interest in the world outside of those devices.

Our towns have so much to offer, from their rich, buried histories to the shops that line their streets. Xplore is committed to shining a light on the things that make these places so unique, and devoted to making the path to their discovery that bit shorter.

Having access to the right information at any given time is so important in this day and age. That’s why we’ve categorised and bundled everything on the platform, from accommodation, attractions and shopping to self-guided tours, hikes & trails and more. 

Xplore believes that a thriving community is a well-informed, inclusive and united one.

Supporting and Empowering Local

It’s no secret that investment in the local economy is crucial to the prosperity and development of our communities. Recently, the pressure placed on local retailers during this ongoing pandemic has forced business owners and consumers alike to rethink how we can contribute to and sustain our high streets.

Xplore provides a framework for initiatives that support this mission helping communities help themselves through web and app features that promote interaction, participation, and insight. This includes the showcasing of local businesses and functionality such as Xplore Local Vouchers and Click and Collect

What was involved?

  • Naming, Branding & Logo design
  • User Interface and UX Design
  • Copy Writing
  • Development and testing
  • Social Media Integration
  • Publication to Apple and Google App Stores
  • Payment Integration

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