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Branding is about the promise of a distinct, memorable experience. It’s about creating an expectation and delivering it consistently every time anyone comes into contact with your brand.

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Your branding should be immediately recognisable, appropriate, memorable, practical, simple and convey the intended message. A good logo should inspire trust, loyalty and brand appreciation. It should be timeless and versatile. The use of shapes, colours, fonts and imagery are essential in attracting the intended target market. The aim is to not just to create a company but to create a brand.

Our process

briefThe Brief

At Ourside we feel it is important to sit with a client before we start a project, this helps us to capture the essence of the brand. We make sure we clearly understand what your company is about, your company’s message, who your target market is and who your main competitors are. We listen.


Market research can not be overlooked no matter how big or small your company is. It is essential to understand the target market, current trends and to understand your industry. We look at competitors and consider how their logos work or don’t work for them. We give your company the competitive edge.


Once we have completed our research it is important to brainstorm, this helps to identify the main values we need to convey. Next we move on to the fun bit, sketching multiple concepts.

A logo takes thought and creativity. An effective logo has a concept or meaning behind it..


With finalised design ideas we feel the best way to present them is face to face, in black and white as it gives us a chance to discuss and agree the design before exploring the use of colour.

Sometimes we may go back to the drawing board, but as designers we understand that a logo cannot be forced on a client, you must love it as much as we do.


Once a design has been agreed and signed off on, we develop the business stationery. We also make sure you have the correct files necessary for going forward with your brand. We write up your brand guidelines so that you can ensure your brand identity is protected and remains consistent throughout.


Our aim is to create a support system for your business where we can provide you with a range of services and advice relating to the use of your brand.

We are here to help with rolling out your new identity online, in print and in between.

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