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Green Web Solutions: Crafting Eco-Friendly Digital Experiences

At our sustainable web design agency, we specialise in crafting eco-friendly websites that prioritise simplicity and eliminate unnecessary features. Our focus is on delivering an exceptional user experience and making a positive impact on the environment through sustainable web design practices.

Going green in a digital world is achievable.

Why opt for a sustainable website design?

In 2020, the annual footprint of an Internet user corresponds to :

368 kWh

electricity consumption

364 kg

greenhouse gas emissions

1923 liters

fresh water consumption

4.54 billion

Internet users in 2020

Approximately 2% of the world’s carbon dioxide emissions are directly linked to website operations. As resource conservation becomes increasingly critical, it’s essential to consider the ecological implications of digital growth. However, technology and environmental sustainability are not mutually exclusive. Adopting an eco-friendly web design approach is entirely possible.

What defines a sustainable website, and what are its benefits?

A sustainable website is:

Simple: Catering to essential needs.

Energy-efficient: Resourceful from inception to execution.

Fast: With lighter pages that load quickly.

User-centric: Offering a streamlined and enhanced browsing experience.

A sustainable web design agency develops eco-friendly websites in accordance with eco-design principles and best practices.
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Sustainable Web Design: Prioritising Ethics and the Environment

At Ourside, we’re dedicated to integrating eco-responsibility into the core of our business. We believe in thinking and acting differently to provide optimised and environmentally conscious solutions.

Digital innovation is our agency’s lifeblood, and we’re committed to collaborating in the creation, preservation, and reimagining of a digital world that embraces sustainable development and heightened responsibility.

We’re here to guide you in the development of a sustainable website design or the transformation of your existing site to minimize its environmental impact.

Align your Digital Presence with Earth-Friendly Values

As consumers are faced with a plethora of choices for similar goods and services, they now place greater emphasis on your company’s values over your products (e.g., ‘made in Ireland’, ‘1% for the planet’).

Commercially, you can set yourself apart by demonstrating a commitment to ethical practices.

Environmentally, you’ll reduce your impact on the planet.

Reduce the carbon emissions of your business, switch to a sustainable website today.

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