How Email Marketing can build your brand

Email marketing is a great brand-building tool, allowing you to reach hundreds, if not thousands of users directly in their inbox on a weekly basis.

// by Colin

The concept of email marketing has been around for years; it’s one of the oldest marketing tips in the book. However, despite this, many people seem to think that email marketing and email lists are dead. But this could not be further from the truth. Email marketing is a great brand-building tool, allowing you to reach hundreds, if not thousands of users directly in their inbox on a weekly basis.

So, with this in mind, the remainder of this post will explain how email marketing can help build your brand. We will also discuss the advantages of SendGrid, trusted leaders in email delivery.

Increased awareness

Firstly, email marketing increases awareness for your brand. This is because you are delivering content directly to your customer’s inboxes, whether this is promotional content or a link to the most recent article on your blog.

With constant reminders of who you are and the services you provide, these users are more likely to become customers in the near future (if they aren’t already).

Establish authority in your niche

Second, email marketing allows you to establish authority in your select niche. For example, if you are in the cycling niche, you can send up-to-date advice directly to your users, helping to solve their problems and ensuring them that you are the go-to not only for cycling advice, but for any other services that they may require.

Increased website traffic

Finally, email marketing provides you with a tool to increase web traffic. If a user opens your email and follows a link, they will end up on your website. The details of your brand alone will increase awareness; however, users are likely to engage with a few other pages or buttons of yours too.

An increase in web traffic is paramount when it comes to building your brand, providing users with the opportunity to familiarise themselves with your content and brand, and landing new customers thanks to word of mouth.

Why not try SendGrid?

SendGrid is an email marketing tool designed to help you send customised emails. Your email campaign success can be measured via real-time analytics and it also has a scalable infrastructure. If you’re looking to take your email marketing game to the next level, as well as increasing brand awareness and developing your brand as a whole, then you must monitor performance and make adjustments depending on results.

Using SendGrid is an excellent place to start, providing you with a targeted and customisable toolkit with which to build your brand.

The bottom line

Building an email marketing list has never been easier, thanks to convenient and affordable tools such as SendGrid. Nonetheless, regardless of which tool(s) you choose, creating, growing, and managing your email marketing is an excellent method of building brand awareness, and overall, developing your brand and providing the opportunity for your content and services to reach more users.

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