Case Study / Terres D’Irlande

The concept of Terres D’Irlande was born from our client desire to provide French-speaking clientele with alternative solutions for those who want to explore Ireland do not necessarily want to travel by coach in a group or venture to drive on the left with a rental car.

Bienvenue en Irlande

Ireland through french.

Terres D’Irlande will showcase an authentic Irish experience, taking the time to explore the hidden tracks, meeting authentic local characters revealing the true culture and attitude of Ireland.

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The French Connection

Terres D’Irlande offers a large range of active outdoor & cultural packages. We helped Charlotte develop her branding first, we learned all about her mission for the business, the needs of her clients and her vision for the future.

After several Zoom meetings, sketches, reviewing concepts and content we delivered a branding piece that encapsulated Charlotte’s friendly and welcoming values while maintaining professionalism & focusing on Irish heritage & landscape. 

What was involved?

  • Development and testing
  • Payment Integration
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